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Why choose Fax Server?

fax serverIf you’re looking for an easy-to-manage, and easy to use e-document delivery platform you should try the Bavo fax server. This can meet the needs of workgroups, or various sized businesses. You’ll get all the software and hardware so network users can receive and send their own faxes via a public phone line in a network environment. Companies that use the Bavo fax server can receive and send information securely through email, print devices, fax or the Internet. This fax server binary options on www.iqoption.com will increase productivity of employees since it sends documents created by the user automatically by fax. This service also reduces costs since it eliminates manual faxing, you don’t use as much paper, and you get more customer service with confirmed, immediate document delivery, and secure faxing services.

Key Features
Easy Installation and Cost Effectively
  Bavo fax server is one time purchase product, it meets all network fax function you need, like Fax2Email, Fax Broadcast. It includes all required fax hardware, software and web fax management, fax client software. You don't have to worry about the fax modem and fax software compatibility.
  Bavo fax server enables you to send and receive faxes via email with just one step setup. It's more secure than online Fax2Email service.
Print to Fax
  Bavo fax server allows users to send faxes from any windows application which has Internet connection, by printing directly to Bavo fax server. All of this is accomplished as easily as printing.
Automatic Fax Routing
Bavo fax server is able to automatically route incoming faxes directly to the defined user's incoming box or email address according to routing strategy.
Fax Broadcast
You can send recipients the same document with no personalization and just the fax header. You can maintain a list of your recipients which you can maintain and create in any web-based or local date sheet. If you’re looking to reach a target market with communications and marketing then Fax Broadcast is quite good for these purposes.
Fax to Folder
  Every sent and received fax can be stored in shared folders specified by the user.
PBX Integration
  Bavo Fax Server can install behind PBX and able to listen DTMF code generated form PBX system, so fax can be delivered via PBX setting or analog DID/DDI service.
Fax Monitoring & Fax Backup
Bavo Fax Server allows Administrator to monitor and backup all incoming or outgoing faxes.

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